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Top Security Guard Service in Mumbai

Top Security Guard Services in Mumbai: Duties, Tips, Alphacom’s Services

The most populated city of India is Mumbai. It has a large number of people, and the city has a huge population. The Indian government is trying to make the city more secure by hiring through top security guard services in Mumbai to protect important places like airports, banks, corporate and government offices. The main reason for hiring security guards is that there are several threats that can be faced in Mumbai. There are thefts from motor vehicles, robberies, terrorist attacks and vandalism. So if you want to protect your valuable property from these threats you need to hire security guards who have experience in dealing with such situations.

The most widely used type of guard services in Mumbai are bouncers and corporate security guards along with residential and event security. They usually are trained as well as they have some other equipment like stick, pistol, etc. But where will you find such security guards? Companies provide these trustable and experienced security guards and Alphacom is one of them.

Security Guards and their Duties

Security guard is a vital part of your business, and it is one of the most important aspects to keep it running efficiently. Despite this, security guards are often neglected in business due to the fact that they are not cost effective.

The number of security guards required per location varies from company to company like whether your company is one of the Top 10 Security Guard Services in Mumbai, whether company size is big and how much scope of work the company has. There are various types of security guards. Some are listed below.

  1. Security officers – These are usually hired to carry out additional duties like guarding the entrances and exits of buildings. They are not always required to be in uniform, depending on the nature of their job. Some companies prefer that their security officers wear uniforms so that they appear more professional and ready for a call-out. Other companies prefer them to wear casual clothing, which is more likely to suit their lifestyle.
  2. Security supervisors – These are the lowest-level security guards and are usually employed by large companies or organizations. They may be referred to as front-desk staff, receptionist or just plain security guards. They are responsible for the safety of all employees and visitors within a building, regardless of which company they work for or company they work in. Security officers may also have additional duties like escorting people with restricted licenses on their person to a designated waiting area where they can safely get into their vehicles.

Tips For Hiring Best Security Guards In Mumbai

Security guards are a very important part of Mumbai’s security infrastructure. They are responsible for ensuring the safety of the city’s citizens and visitors. They are also responsible for keeping an eye on all the people who enter or exit their premises in order to ensure that they don’t do any harm to anyone. Check that they should be well trained and be able to perform their duties safely.

A good security guard should be able to communicate properly and efficiently with people visiting the premises. He should be proactive, experienced and efficient in his work. But then question arises where you will get these security guards? Companies provide these security guards through their services which you can trust on. Alphacom is one of them.

Alphacom’s Top Security Guard Services in Mumbai

Alphacom is a company providing Security Guard services, Housekeeping Services, Facility Management Services to customers in Mumbai as well as outside of Mumbai. It is in the industry since 2013 and have gained an experience of ten years.

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