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Security Guard Salary in India

Security Guard Salary in India: Responsibilities, Salary, How to Hire Right Security Guard

A security guard is a person who protects your property or office from thieves or burglars. The security guard salary in India depends upon how well they are trained, how much years of experience they have, what all responsibilities they can handle, etc. They are responsible for guarding people and property, while they are not allowed to enter into a building or property without permission from the owner. We will discuss their salary in detail below.

Security Guard Salary in India

In this section, we will discuss the salary of security guards in India. Security Guard Salary in India ranges from 10,000 to 22,000 rupees depending on the factors like work hours of 8 hour, 10 hour or 12 hour per day, type of work, location, work experience and duties he can handle.

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Security Guard Salary in India

How to Hire the Right Security Guard

The security guard is a very important part of any organization. If a person is not properly trained, he can cause serious damages to the organization.

Security guards are in demand nowadays due to the security concerns arising from the recent terrorist attacks and wars. Security guards are mainly employed by companies, hotels and resorts which need a high level of vigilance and security. The job is not very lucrative but it is highly rewarding because of the importance of their work.

The security guard should be well trained and experienced in his job. It is also important for him to have good communication skills, atleast to communicate with people visiting the premises. He should also be able to work with people from different cultures and mindset.

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